About The Andover BID

Andover Business Improvement Districts (BID) was elected as a Town Centre BID and came into effect in April 2019, initially running for 5-years. After this five-year period businesses are balloted on whether they want to continue with a subsequent five-year period.

There are nearly 300 BIDS in the UK, and they have proven to be an effective way in which businesses can have a strong voice and improve their local -trading environment. In Andover, the BID represents over 250 town centre businesses with a rateable value exceeding £10,000 who pay into the BID levy and is allocated to projects and services which are beneficial to members.

Andover BID is a not for profit company and our business members are represented through our board of directors, all of whom are levy-payers from different business sectors in the town or are members of our partnership organisations who have a vested interest in Andover and its business economy.

BIDs are an arrangement whereby businesses come together and decide which improvements they feel could be made in their town or city centre, and how they will implement these improvements and what it will cost them. BIDs are financed and controlled by the businesses within the selected area. BIDs can run for a maximum of five years and during this time they must be able to show that they are benefitting the businesses which fund it.

Andover BID can help to shape the future of Town Centre might deliver and is in place to deliver projects or services that are agreed by the businesses in the BID area. These projects are aimed at producing additionality over and above services is already provided through business rates and by the local authority.

BIDs have the proven ability to increase footfall to an area, reduce premiums and improve the business environment and services. As they run for five years, they also give businesses the opportunity to plan. BIDs put the control into the hands of the businesses themselves. BIDs do not substitute services provided through business rates; they provide additional services.

  • Of all the events our team has supported in recent weeks, this has to be up there as one of the highlights. Just look at those crowds! It was fantastic to see so many people out enjoying the festivities at Andover's Christmas light switch on, with our event security team on hand to ensure the whole event ran safely and smoothly.

    Venture Security

  • We are delighted to be included in the new remote working guide and have already seen people come in to use the facility we offer. We have six booths that people particularly like, each with charging points for their phones and laptops, and in this colder weather, the demand has increased - thank you to the BID for your support of local businesses

    The John Russell Fox - JD Wetherspoons

  • I am delighted  pleased with the BID support, the videos and social media promos and the offers page on the website. As a result, we are regularly getting between 10-15 people each week to our cheese and wine evenings on a Fri & Sat.  BID is doing well for us, and we appreciate the help and support given to us.

    Coffee 78

  • Thanks for BID's help with a serious incident at Bridge House on Thursday 9th September. Aaron and Izzy popped in to see me as we work closely with the Rangers as some of our clients are the ones that can cause issues in the town. While they were there a visitor to our building overdosed. Aaron came to the clients room with me and he immediately administered the naloxone and supported staff in CPR while we waited for the air ambulance. He was excellent and due to his help and a member of my staff they saved the clients life. Even the air ambulance doctor commented without the quick action the client would have died. I have personally thanked him for his assistance but also wanted to let you know how grateful we are.

    Bridge House

  • We are delighted with the introduction of the BID ranger service. They have recently supported the store in helping with several shoplifting and medical incidents. The guys are a very reassuring presence for our staff and customers.


  • Andover BID's services in Andover town centre are incredibly valuable to the police and our support of them and the local intelligence we gather helps to know who the local offenders are. This afternoon, one of the jobs we have called to over the BID radios was to a shoplifting incident in one of the town centres stores and we have worked closely with the store and the police over this incident.

    PC Richard Sanders

  • We and the other businesses around us love having the BID rangers around. They are very proactive and call in regularly. Knowing that they are about an excellent backup for their town problems is reassuring. They know what is going on locally and keep us informed.

    Burgo's Pet & Aquatics

  • The BID Rangers are immensely helpful and supportive of Waitrose and its security. On Saturday afternoon, they dealt with a medical incident in store, and they were able to hand it over to the paramedics when they arrived effectively. In their first three weeks, they have assisted our security guy with many store thefts helping to save our store thousands. They already know most of the people in town likely to offend in our store, and we are delighted with their appointment to the town. When we radio the BID Rangers, we usually receive an instant response, and they are here in minutes. Please thank them for their professional attitude.


  • We are delighted with the support of the BID Rangers. They have responded on numerous occasions and helped prevent theft in the store. They are professional, know what they are doing and have an eye for detail. They are beneficial to my staff and I and respond quickly. And have saved us a lot of money. Customers feel very reassured in their presence.


  • We are based in The Chantry Centre, and in our dealings with the BID Rangers, we find them friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The radio is great to keep us updated with what is going on and what to look out for, and the app. It's good to have them around in case of any issues; they are always prompt in attending.

    The Fragrance Store

  • As a relatively new business to Andover, the SP bar works closely with BID, benefitting from the professionalism and support of the team, who have advised and helped us at all stages of our development. We are delighted to have engaged with some of the initiatives they operate. Through InAndover from BID and their video social media, they have helped develop and promote a solid customer base. As a cocktail bar, we hold a radio which keeps us in touch with the BID Rangers service, and we regularly attend Pubwatch, which they administer. We have taken advantage of the excellent waste collection from Grist Environmental as part of the BID Waste Charter and have accessed the premises improvement grant to enhance our building.

    The SP Bar

  • As an independent retailer and a small business in Andover, I appreciate the help and support that BID has given me to start my business in Andover town Centre. From their initial introduction to my premises, the business advice, the promotional support and the Ranger service provided. Having peace of mind that I can radio, text or call someone who is available almost immediately is fantastic! Both David and Aarron are super friendly and approachable, and I can contact them for help, even for the smallest issue! I am born and raised in Andover and love the feeling of our town being safer and more connected through the rangers and the radio system." I have benefitted in so many ways. If BID did nothing else but provide the ranger service as a lone worker, I would be happy.

    Alex McGarry

  • I would just like to thank the BID Rangers for their support of my staff recently. We have experienced several instances recently of anti-social behaviour from young people and particularly on a Friday afternoon. The Rangers have responded when we have radioed them and have dispersed the situation using non-confrontational methods and managed to calm the situation down. My team feel very reassured by their presence in these situations. Thank you

    Coffee #1

  • I wanted to thank an Andover ranger (I dont know which one) for finding and handing my wallet into the bank. I had not heard of the Andover rangers before. Please can you pass on my thanks to the team? What a great service. I am going to write to the Andover Advertiser to say what a good service they provide.

    Kim Partington

  • The rangers have just been in; they regularly visit and respond quickly when we call on the radio. Recently, there has been a particular spate of local shoplifting, so they have been extremely busy, and we have been extremely grateful for their support. They have made an enormous difference to us by helping to reduce store losses, and they often support us whilst our staff call the police, which has happened on several occasions recently. Theft in our store is considerably less now because of the BID Rangers. 


  • The BID rangers are an asset to the town and have been brilliant over the last year. They provide reassurance to visitors and patrol the town centre and the chantry Centre daily and know everything that is going on. They are interested and have taken the trouble to get to know me and my staff. They respond quickly to the radio when we have issues, assist us with theft prevention and are always helpful. They know most of the people who shoplift, and they update us regularly on situations around Andover, we are delighted to have them here. Since their introduction by the BID, shoplifting is my store has been significantly reduced. I often feel sorry for them when they have to sprint across town to an urgent request on the radio. In the issues we've had in store, they have been absolutely brilliant and helped us out, and we look forward to working with them in 2022. Many thanks from the whole of the Sports Direct team.

    Sports Direct

  • As a business initially opposed to BID and its concept, time has allowed me to see the benefit of what they do and the marketing of the town and my business through InAndover. I also work closely with the BID Rangers and am pleased that the Town rangers seem to be doing well. A couple of days ago, they were trying to find a well-known shoplifter, and it is evident by the radio use that they were very busy all over the town. The communication was helpful for shop owners to know what was going on and to be prepared. I welcome BID introducing the Rangers to Andover.