The Andover Pound aims to highlight Independently owned businesses in our town by offering the chance to receive a small discount when you buy local.

Independently owned local businesses are an important part of the UK economy. They are significant creators of jobs — and they’re also more likely to hire people who live locally. What’s more, the money you spend at a local Andover business is far more likely to stay in our community. The people who live and work at our local businesses are more likely to spend their money locally, and local businesses are also more likely than big businesses to shop locally in turn. This is also better for the environment, since sourcing locally reduces the carbon footprint of supplies, products, and produce!

So local Andover businesses put money back into the community, strengthening the local economy and helping it continue to grow.

If you are given an Andover Pound you can spend it here:-

  • Alex McGarry Studio
  • Boba World
  • Eye Candy
  • Gallaghers Florist
  • Grilled Cheese Cafe
  • Lone Fairy
  • Mooch
  • Pennies
  • Photos2Print
  • Save It Discount Store
  • Totcity
  • The Bridge Cafe
  • The Geek Emporium
  • The Travelling Cupcake

If you wish to spend your notes in another store contact us and we will see if this can be arranged.

General Terms & Conditions:
  • Each Andover Pound may be redeemed once only to the value shown on the Andover Pound note and must be given to the business at the time of purchase. Notes are currently issued in £1 and £25 note forms.
  • Andover Pounds may not be exchanged for cash they are only valid against a purchase in a business which accepts them.
  • Up to £5 of £1 Andover pound notes or a single £25 Andover Pund Note may be redeemed at any one time.
  • Andover Pounds are taken at the discretion of businesses and there is no obligation to accept them at any time.
  • This offer can be amended, closed or withdrawn at any time.
  • Additional Andover Town Centre Businesses may join in this scheme by contacting us at
Message to businesses accepting Andover Pound Notes:
Please keep hold of the note and contact us at or on 01264 930063 to arrange for this amount to be reembursed to your business.